Shapin Up Synopsis
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Here is a brief synopsis of the show Shapin' Up - a new musical comedy by Scott Z. Adler.

Edith Ruhlman, a stunning forty-six year old widow and mother of one, is a 49% owner and President of the Great Ruhlmans Sports Club (Ruhlmans). Edith’s obsession with fitness and her passion for running the Club transcends everything else in her life.

Edith’s son, Johnny Ruhlman Jr. is a Stanford College dropout and former football hero. Johnny has become an overweight beer bum since discovering that his mother slept with his roommate on the eve of their Sugar Bowl victory. Johnny is the beneficiary of a trust that includes 51% of the stock in Ruhlmans. Johnny now works as a janitor at Ruhlmans while awaiting his upcoming 25th birthday when he can assume control of his trust, fire his mother and take over the Club’s presidency.

When Edith discovers Johnny’s intentions, she immediately embarks on an elaborate scheme to find a young lady to marry Johnny and thereby protect her against Johnny’s takeover pursuits. Edith finds the near perfect woman in Mary Sanger, a former law student, who is now working as one of the Club’s masseuses. Mary has all of the qualities Johnny would covet in a wife except that she is overweight. Edith believes that if she can quickly get Mary into shape that Johnny would definitely fall for her. However, Edith remains equally concerned that Johnny would never trust a woman who would fall for an overweight alcoholic. She therefore believes that Johnny must get into shape, as well, in order for him to feel worthy of someone like Mary.

Edith thereby enlists the services of her two best trainers, Dee Marstin and Vinnie “The Vine” Pascal, to train Johnny and Mary into a two month physical makeover. Through various exercise regimes, Dee and Vinnie succeed in their mission to get Johnny and Mary into shape; but, in the process, they become emotionally involved with their trainees. Mary, however, does not share Vinnie’s sentiments, and Johnny self destructs into a drunken stupor upon learning that Dee was in cahoots with his mother. Mary subsequently nurses Johnny back into sobriety, which leads to a kiss, then dating, and ultimately a wedding date to take place on Johnny’s 25th birthday.

Prior to the wedding, Mary tells Johnny that Edith has offered her 2% of Ruhlmans stock as a wedding gift if Johnny makes her a similar gift. The only caveat is that Edith may repurchase Mary’s stock for $50,000, and obtain majority control, if Johnny ever tries to fire her. Johnny rejects his mother’s offer but agrees to gift Mary 2% of his stock if his mother will do the same without conditions. Johnny also asks Mary to promise that she will never give Edith majority control of the Club. During Johnny’s bachelor party, however, Edith re-offers Mary 2% of her stock but increases the repurchase option to $100,000. When Mary gets Edith to up the amount to $200,000 she drafts an agreement they both sign but does not share such information with Johnny. At the wedding ceremony, Johnny fires his mother. Edith immediately hands Mary a cashier’s check and shows Johnny the Agreement with Mary’s signature affixed thereto. Did Mary succumb to greed? Was Johnny, once again, betrayed? Does Edith win the day? It’s all a part of Shapin Up.

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"From epic sweeping melodies, to hot sexy rhythms, Christopher Alpiar does it all with ease. A total professional, and a gas to work with!"
-- Michael Fortney, Static Productions

"Here's where sound, music and message meet! Chris Alpiar goes from the top down, then the bottom up. [He's] thoroughly professional and entertaining."
-- Baird Thompson

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